To Whom It May Concern:
As a man of 56 years, I developed an annoying problem with my big left toe nail; it was hardly terminal,
but my wife suggested that I should get a professional opinion and thus made an appointment for me with
Mr. S. Paul Trickey.
When I saw him, not only did he painlessly ‘fix’ my toe nail, but he also diagnosed that my left side was one and half inches
shorter than my right!  He suggested corrective measures, which included “made-to-measure” insoles.  These have enabled me
to be balanced once more and able to walk with greater freedom and poise then ever before - a new lease of life in fact!
So if you have problems with your legs or feet necessitating a professional service which includes home visits, nail surgery and
bio-mechanics, don’t delay, phone Paul Trickey today for your assessment and like me learn to Walk Tall and Proud.
David Curtis.