Dear Mr Trickey,

                        Thank you very much treating my feet.  Now I can play rugby quite well and nobody knows about my feet problems; 1 - because I have just started secondary school so nobody knows a lot about me, 2 - I donít run that differently and 3 - Iím doing so well.
                        I also enjoy playing football even more because Iím getting better, I can up the pitch and score goals.  When I play football in my garden with my two brothers, as I am on my own I have to play on both on pitch and in goal.  I run up the pitch with the ball then I take a hot, which their goalkeeper saves then kicks it out then his player takes a shot and I have to run all the way back to my goal to save it 4 times out of 5 I do actually get back in time to save it because I can run faster than I could before.  I got a 1 star award for athletics in the last school year but a lot of people got that so I did all right.

So as you can see you have made my feet and my life so much better thank you very much.
            Yours Gratefully
                                    David Kerridge
                        (Your patient with flat feet)