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Mr Trickey, who specialises in biomechanics, can often diagnose the cause of and therefore prevent injuries developing or recurring within the foot, lower limb, knee, hip or back.  These are often due to abnormal foot and lower limb function.

Correcting the problem

Paul can help prevent injuries developing in the first place or recurring later.  State Registered Podiatrists are trained in boimechanics - the scientific study of the way we walk or run.  Through this they can tell if your particular ‘style’ may be causing you any problems and possibly lead to injuries.

For example, your feet normally roll slightly inward (pronate) and then outwards (supinate), when you walk.  If they do either excessively, perhaps if you inherited a problem, your feet will not function properly.  This in turn places abnormal amounts of stress on your lower leg which could lead to injury and postural pain.

Mr Trickey will be able to tell you if any biomechanical problems exist by evaluating the movement in your lower limbs and measuring angles and joint movements.  A treadmill or video may also be used in this evaluation.  If one leg is longer than the other, it may well be that the backpain you've been complaining about for so long has its origins in your feet!


Mr Trickey may prescribe corrective orthoses, moulded to the shape of your foot.  These will help your foot to function normally by distributing weight more evenly.