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Many problems be they hard skin, foot, knee, back, spinal, joint, musculo-skeletal and poor posture are caused by abnormal foot and lower limb mechanics.  So too are recurrent sports injuries and progressive foot deformities such as bunions and clawtoes.  Correct diagnosis and hence curing the cause through functional correction where possible is essential for the best outcome.

Paul is a specialist in biomechanics whereby through biomechanic assessment he can analyse and diagnose the cause of the above problems.  He will assess normal and abnormal alignments within the foot and lower limb, ranges of motion and muscle tensions.  He will then make exact moulds of your feet to create individually tailored insoles (orthoses) that correct your abnormal foot and lower limb function.  More palliative insoles can be made if full correction is not necessary. The assessment and manufacturing of devices are completed at the purpose-built clinic.

The whole range of Chiropody treatments are available from simple nailcare to advanced nail surgery, callous reduction and corn enucleation etal.  Palliative devices and/or protective devices can again be individually made for localised problems.

He is also an expert in rheumatoid and diabetic feet problems.


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